Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Twitter as business tool?

Heh, I got my first first business-to-business contact through Twitter today. I had become somewhat irritated at the slow rate of take-up by some of our teams for an amazing offer by a company owned by our own parent company. I vented by frustration in a Tweet last night. This afternoon, I received a request to "follow" me from a strange. But he looked somewhat familiar. When I agreed, I soon got a direct email from a sales person working for the company in London. He looks up his own company in Twitter's search facility each day. So that shows yer!

Viewzi: what about Searchme as well?

Excitement all round about Viewzi after I had picked up the thrilling review by Craig Stoltz. Everyone at my media company just loved the 15 different views for search. Rather eccentrically I repeatedly inserted "Maria Callas" into the search bar for my one-on-one demonstrations. But it worked. The contrast between videos, from YouTube or whatever, and the comparison of Amazon with ebay was amazing. Even for an old opera dame like that.
But it did not stop there. Soon we were also comparing Viewz with Searchme. It looks far less glamorous at first but picks up speed as your search progresses. In the end, it is as if your iPod screen had become your desktop. If Cinematically Correct thinks Viewz is "a rip-off of Apple’s Leopard operating system", he should look at Searchme.

PS Does anyone know how to pronounce Viewzi?